About us

About BulgariaPlus Ltd Our web site aim is to assist foreign property investors with all aspects of buying a property in Bulgaria. It provides access to our easy to search database of thousands of properties available for sale in Bulgaria.  All listings and ads are provided by our own agents, partner real estate companies operating in different parts of the country or private vendors offering their properties for sale. We offer our clients a full range of services: extensive information about buying a property in Bulgaria, search for a specific property according to your requirements, arrange viewings and transportation and accommodations, deal with all legal formalities and negotiations on your behalf, refurbishment services, interior design etc.. BulgariaPlus Ltd  are charging the following fees and agent commissions: The cost does not display the total purchase price. It only includes the price of the property and fees forconsultancy on legal and tax issues. The following fees and agent commissions are added on top of the cost: Agency commission: Our agents commission covers many important services, which we provide for the buyer during the process of pruchasing - such as: solicitor's assistance, full checks on the title deeds and the ownership, preparation of all necessary contracts, paperwork, communication costs. etc. Other expenses: Depending on each property there are other expenses like: notary fees, tax when purchasing property, stamp duty, checks on the property ownership, etc. These additional charges are usually around 3%-5% of the price.Company registration fee: Our team of lawyers will fully assist you in registering your LTD company in Bulgaria. For registering a company we charge a fee of 500 Euros.  Please, note that the company must prepare and submit annual tax declarations as well as keep accountancy books. Therefore, we have a qualified local accountant to take care about the company's books for additional cost.Property and company maintenance fees: When the rural property you have bought has been transfered to your Bulgarian ltd. company name you need to do the following things: organise yearly accountancy of your company, open a company bank account, transfer the utility bills (electricity, water, etc) to your company name, and lots of others. Our substantial experience in property sales has shown that the after sale services are vital to our clients. Therefore, we have created a comprehensive after sale services pack called property and company maintenance. It goes with each property purchase to make sure all details are arranged well in advance. This saves both you and our company a lot of important issues to organise at a later date.OTHER SERVICES AND FEES: Transport/taxi charges: If one of our company cars is used for viewing trips from your hotel and around the local area, we charge 0.30 Euros per km to cover the petrol charges and wear costs of the vehicle. This charge is equal to the price charged by the taxi companies in Bulgaria. However, if you buy a property with us, any transport costs charged by the office that you buy with are fully refundable! If you would like us to drive you further distances  or from the airport to a regional office for example we will negotiate a fixed price for each journey. This fee is non-refundable. Also you can rent- a-car yourself at a reasonable price from RentACarBulgaria.com. Solicitor services, legal services: Our customers are served by the highly professional team of solicitors and lawyers at our legal department.