Welcome to Bulgaria

Quick Facts and Figures

  • Official Name Republic of Bulgaria
  • Capital City Sofia
  • Major Cities here
  • Bordering Countries here
  • National flag here
  • Climate Summers on the Black Sea coast are hot, inland warm summers and cold winters
  • (with snow) are commonplace.
  • Languages Bulgarian
  • Latitude/Longitude 43 00'N, 25 00'E
  • Official Currency Lev
  • Religions Bulgarian Orthodox, Muslim, other
  • Population 8,155,000
  • Land Area 110,550 sq km (42,683 sq miles)
  • Landforms The Balkan Mountains run through the central part of the country, the Rhodope Mountains through the southwestern part (near the border with Greece), with fertile lowlands covering the north and southeast. The Danube River forms the northern border with Romania
  • Land Divisions 9 provinces